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Art & Nature

This website is full of everything that inspires the lovely Ingeborg Snelleman. She's a great fan of art and nature. Through the years she coordinated a lot of expositions in the world of landscape and art. Pleasure to work with her and love the outcome. Please also check out the list of her favourite expositions and projects you can still visit right now.

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The webshop of Dutch Landscapes Designed is a fact! This webshop was made in WordPress and linked to Dutch Landscapes Designed which is made from scratch. Best of both worlds! You can support Henk and read more about his awesome research, when you click on the website.

website kleineKunstjes verschillende devices

Dutch Landscapes Designed

Henk van Blerck asked me to design a website whereby everyone is able to look up and follow the results of his thesis the next 3 years. Tracing the landscape plans in Dutch land consolidation projects. We used parts of the brand of Schokland & Water B.V., but also gave this special project it's own feeling. Go take a look!

website kleineKunstjes verschillende devices

Anna Kurenai Photography

Anna Kurenai Photography needed a website where she can expose her pictures and also blog about her inspirations. I wanted to put some of her magic and mysterious atmosphere into the website itself, yet still keep it easy to navigate. Can't wait until I can show you the end result!

website kleineKunstjes verschillende devices

Daar word ik stil van

"Daar word ik stil van" is the name of the outdoor activities Joke Baltjes hosts. She needed a website where people can sign up for those activities. Kleine kunstjes made the artwork/design and the "building" is done by Peter Paul Luijten.

website kleineKunstjes verschillende devices

Schokland & water B.V.

Landscape architects Henk van Blerck and Hanneke Baltjes decided to work together and combine their company's. Kleine Kunstjes designed a new identity for Schokland & water B.V. including a new logo, business cards and a website. Please check it out, because I've used some pretty tricks in this one.

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Kleine Kunstjes

And of course I designed the website of my own company. I started with very basic skills and through the years found my way in the world of HTML and CSS. I had the possibility to work with a great developer who helped to temper my creative ( and back then way to ambitious) ideas a bit and pointed out a nice path for me. I'm always upgrading and restyling my website so make sure to visit it now and then to see for yourself what changed.

website Lanschapstriƫnnale 2014

Landschapstriƫnnale Lingezegen 2014

One of the first websites I built and one of the most complex as well. So much information, so much to show and so much people and different wishes. still a great fan of the photoslider.

website Bregje Baltjes

Hairdresser Bregje Baltjes

This website has a very modern feel which suits the young and ambitious Bregje. She needed a website for her customers so they can reach her when they need a new haircut! Check out the cute mouse I made for this website. It's in the details (small things, big rewards).